Role: Stainless Steel Fabricator
Stainless Steel/ Aluminium Technician/ Fabricator Experience & Knowledge as Stainless Steel Technician for hand railings (Pipe), can execute welding and fabrication process for stainless and aluminium (doors/windows) with good communication.

For Stainless Steel Fabricator – Good knowledge in stainless steel fabrication, Have to work on given shop drawings For Technician
What qualifications are required to become a Stainless Steel Fabricator?

  1. A minimum of two years welding experience is required to become a stainless steel fabricator.
  2. Must be proficient in use of MIG and TIG welding equipment, as well as fabrication skills using the various cutting tools used on stainless steel fabrications such as shears, cutters and hammers.
  3. Knowledge of basic metallurgy principles essential for understanding alloy composition and properties will also be helpful in becoming a stainless steel fabricator.
  4. Strong work ethic with ability to take ownership for own efforts is necessary because Stainless Steel Fabrication can often involve long hours at the shop or factory floor overseeing production activities; being self-motivated counts!
    5.. must have good hand eye coordination, problem solving abilities and excellent attention to detail
    What are the skills required to become a Stainless Steel Fabricator?
  5. Knowledge of metalworking processes and tools
  6. Good understanding of engineering design principles
  7. Experience in fabricating stainless steel components or products
  8. Superior welding skills, including use of hand welders and arc welder
  9. Working knowledge of stainless steel alloys


Job Category: Elevator
Job Location: Dubai
Requirements Code: LIFTUP - 589
Experience: 2 to 5 years

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